Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday Steve visited the main manufacturing plant for Ugastoves. Ugastoves are improved wood-burning cookstoves that reduce the amount of fuel used during cooking and also reduces indoor air pollution. Below are some brief facts about Ugastoves and the manufacturing plant:

-The warehouse manufacutures approximately 200 stoves per week
-Stoves are subsidized by CEIHD (UC-Berkley) and carbon offset credits (JP Morgan)
-A clay mixer has been manufactured on site
-The stoves require a clay insert, and the clay inserts are all fired on site
-Ugastove hopes to train individuals for 3 to 4 weeks in Kampala. The newly trained individuals would then start franchises to manufacture Ugastoves at various locations throughout Uganda.
-The stoves cost 35,000 USh (~$18) a piece

Some photos of the plant in Kampala are also attached.


  1. Picture 1: The new training facility under construction
    Picture 2: A stove for larger applications (such as cooking lunch at the school)
    Picture 3: The director of the Ugastove warehouse with our newly purchased stove
    Picture 4: A stack of clay inserts which are fired on site
    Picture 5: Storage area with more clay inserts
    Picture 6: The clay mixer which was manufactured on site
    Picture 7: A stack of charcoal burning stoves in the background

  2. Eric,

    thanksk for the pictures and the update. It is really interesting to be able to follow your progress here in the States!

  3. Eric,

    Could the Ugastove warehouse be used potentially to construct ceramic filters since they have a mixer and a kiln/firing area? I don't know if mixers are difficult to manufacture or if they would share...just a thought.


  4. Great idea, Camilla. Steve has established good contact with the person who runs Ugastove so we can follow up to see if they would be interested to expanding to ceramic water filters.