Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In case you aren't blogged out, here is at few more!

So the drip irrigation kits were a hit. We worked with a few students at the school to teach them to set up and use the Chapin Living Water Kits. They were easy to set up and Shaffic, a student living at URF, then set up and explained the system to all the women that came for the demonstration Friday. It was encouraging that Shaffic was willing and able to explain the systems.

The supplier in Kampala supplies a more commercial type of drip irrigation that isn't as user friendly. A possible option for this summer will be to bring 30-40 Chapin systems for a pilot project in two communities using some of the students to help us teach and set up the systems.

The women thought that 10,000 /= (~$5) would be a reasonable price for them to pay for the systems.

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