Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Existing System

So the trip wasn't all fun and games. The pump controller for the groundwater system failed while we were there. So thankfully we were able to diagnose the problem and bring the controller to be warrantied. Also thankful that it is the rainy season so the rainwater system is able to provide water until the pump is back working again.

Also, the composting toilets were a mixed success/failure. Both diverting plates were plugged, and had to be unplugged, but they were plugged with ash, suggesting they are properly used, but the 'dry matter' was being added to both sections of the diverting plates. Also one of the bins only had dry matter, but one was mixed because the liquids tube was directing into the bin rather than into the liquids pipe. It made for an unfortunate clean-up, but should be ready for composting when we return this summer.

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