Sunday, January 17, 2010

Return to Kampala


Our apologies for the lack of posts, the internet was far from our site. We have just returned to Kampala and our looking forward to the implementation trip. While our time was short we were able to assess water sources, hold focus groups, host techology demonstations, talk with students, and visit a plantation. We have a lot to discuss!

In brief, the commuity was very appreciative and eager to use the modified stoves (in particuar the Ugastove), drip irrigation, and waterguard. These are all projects we would like to work with URF to provide to pilot communities. There are many other opportunities to fix hand pumps for wells, work with students and the women's group, enhance the seed loan program, and pilot the biosand filter.

As mentioned we hosted focus groups with two communites, conducted household surveys, tested water quality, and used GPS to map the community including water, homes, clinics, schools, and roads. We learned a lot about the community and received support. We look forward to sharing photos and more details soon!

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